FAQ - Edge Telecom | Canada


Why deal with Edge Telecom instead of going to the carriers directly?

Edge Telecom has over 20 years of expertise in saving clients time and money by providing a single point of contact with unbiased solutions at competitive rates.  Many of the carriers are not set up to provide personal service for small and mid sized businesses.  Most of the time you will be directed to a call center with a generic quote.

How can we provide lower rates compared to the direct carriers?

Simple – Volume. Edge Telecom as a wholesaler has a similar model to Costco.  With millions of dollars in combined business with our telecom partners, we have volume discounts and pass on those savings to our customers.

What are the potential savings?

On average we save clients anywhere between 20%-40% in comparison to the major competitors.  Contact us and let us show you what we can do!

There is no fibre available in our office and it is too expensive to build, what can you offer?

We hear clients desperate for higher internet speeds at a reasonable cost on a regular basis. Edge Telecom has direct access to the major carrier’s portal and can check within a minute for fibre availability.  We have seen cases in the past where the carrier mistakenly indicated that there was no fibre available however our systems proved otherwise and delivered the service.  Edge Telecom also works directly with the carriers to build fibre at the client’s location and in most cases at no extra cost to the customer.

What carriers do you work with?

We work with all the major Canadian carriers, Regional and Specialty providers.  Contact us and you will be surprised by some of the options you have available.

Why should I use Fiber Internet vs. lower cost options?

Fiber is readily available and the cost has come down substantially over the past few years.  As companies move more to the cloud for their business operations including mission critical applications such as VoIP, it is more important than ever to have a reliable connection that has an SLA (service level agreement) and QOS (quality of service).  In addition, fibre Internet is scalable and we find many businesses double their speed every 2-3 years on average.

Is the quality of VoIP the same as traditional Phone Services?

Yes, but it depends on how the service is delivered and engineered. This is where Edge Telecom really separates itself from the competition.  We have the experience and service portfolio to offer an end to end solution.  It is critical to have a quality internet connection that can provide a QOS and prioritize your voice traffic over a data network.  We assess your data requirements and look at the best options available from our list of multiple vendors.