Testimonials - Edge Telecom | Canada


Colin Atkinson

Plait Networks – CEO


  We partner with Edge Telecom to deliver Internet for our SDWAN solutions.  Edge Telecom checks all the boxes in what we look for in a supplier.  A single point of contact, simple sales process with competitive rates and on time, hassle free installations.  

Kerry Brock

Vice President


  We contacted Edge Telecom because we were experiencing slow Internet speeds and dropped phone calls with our current provider.  Edge Telecom met with us and reviewed our current challenges and identified our needs.  We required a solution that was reliable, cost effective and scalable to meet our future growth plans.  Edge Telecom immediately took action and worked with their carrier partner Telus and installed fibre to our building.  We also implemented their recommendation to replace our on premise VoIP phone system with a total cloud phone solution.  Edge Telecom delivered what was promised, fast and reliable internet and phone service on budget.  The installation, customer service and training on our new phone system has been exceptional.